Newsletter October 2021

Roosevelt Elementary School
Home of the Roosevelt Roadrunners

910 N. Sawyer Street
Oshkosh, WI 54902
Principal: Mrs. Kristin Burgert



A Note from the Principal

Dear Roosevelt Families,

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the school year! Our teachers and students are settled in, their routines and procedures in place, and have been working hard and learning so much in the first few weeks of school. A great topic to talk with your child about is our PBIS expectations throughout the school and what they look like and sound like in different areas of the building. We did an all-school roll out of our PBIS expectations in all areas of the school a few weeks ago! Keep an eye out each month for PBIS tips and information in this newsletter to continue to learn more. 

Our first school Family Night will take place on Monday, October 11th from 5:00-6:30 at Roosevelt. You should have already received information and an invitation to RSVP in your child’s backpack.  We will have planned fun family events involving literacy and math. Please do not forget to RSVP if you are able to join us as we use these numbers to plan the meal and activities. We look forward to seeing you there! 

More information on our Halloween celebrations will come a little later in October. Stay tuned!


Kristin Burgert


            October              Calendar of Events

        October 2 Custodial Day   
         October 5 ALICE Drill   
         October 6 Walk to School Day
October 13 Early Dismissal 12:30 pm 
October 15 West Homecoming Parade 5:30 pm
October 22 NO SCHOOL
October 25 PTO Meeting 6 pm

Roosevelt Lunch Schedule

   Kindergarten-1st-2nd Grade              11:00 am - 11:30 am
              3rd-4th-5th Grade               11:35 am - 12:05 pm

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The following Wednesdays ALL STUDENTS will be dismissed at 12:30 pm. Make sure your child(ren) knows what their family plan is...walking home, parent pick up or after school care. Parents please plan accordingly on these days.
October 13, November 10, December 8, January 12,  February 9, March 9, April 13 and May 11.
Thank you!



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Image result for PBIS Clipart   “The Roosevelt Way”  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

The Roosevelt Way- Rollout!

We started the new school year introducing or reviewing our schoolwide expectations. Posters hang throughout the building to remind us how to be respectful, responsible, and safe in different areas of our school. Each classroom took time the first two weeks of school to discuss and model expected behaviors in places like the lunchroom, hallway, playground, and bathroom. Students and teachers also collaborated to create a matrix to share how they want learning to look, sound, and feel in their classrooms. 

Mash Up

One PBIS routine is to combine students from different grade levels into groups for social skills activities. We do this once a month on the early release days. Last year, we were unable to get together due to Covid-19 protocols. The students were excited to be able to participate in Mash Up again! This month, we got to know each other’s names and a little bit about things we like. It’s a great way for our younger and older students to come together.


Here are some of the ways we will be acknowledging students for following the Roosevelt Way by modeling respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors. 

  • Beep Bucks- Students earn bucks by following expectations in different parts of the building. They will be able to visit the school store and purchase prizes with their earnings. We are trading Beep Bucks for bills and coins to help them learn more about money.

  • Golden Roadrunner- Feathers are given to classes in recognition of the whole group following the Roosevelt Way. The class that earns the most feathers for the week, gets to have the Golden Roadrunner outside their classroom. They also receive a fun activity such as extra recess, a movie, or a chance to bring something special from home.

  • Student of the Month- Teachers nominate students who consistently demonstrated the Roosevelt Way during the month. The students’ pictures are placed on a bulletin board as role models of expected behavior. Our principal announces the winners in a special video. Students also receive a certificate and a prize. 


Roosevelt PBIS Homepage



Food Service News

LIMITED LUNCH SERVICE AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS are used when a student is very negative in their lunch account and the family has been notified by Food Service that service will cease if the account isn’t brought current.  If the student doesn’t bring a sack lunch or cash to pay for the lunch the Food Service Department will allow the student to eat a limited lunch.  The limited lunch will consist of 2 pieces of bread and a peanut butter cup (as the entrée) and then will be allowed to have the fruit, veggies and milk offered and the account will get charged accordingly for the limited lunch.  They will NOT be able to have their choice of an entrée.



The food service department is seeking individuals to work for our department serving breakfast and / or lunch. The majority of these positions available are 1.5 - 2 hours in length and are during the breakfast and lunch service time, which varies with the school.  Opportunities for longer shifts and additional hours may also be available.  Please see the WECAN at website for employment opportunities along with applying for positions within the Food Service Department.

Please call 424-4936 for any questions. Thank you!


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Collaborative Wellness

Mental Health & Substance Use Counseling


Hello families, caregivers and staff! These are certainly unprecedented times with challenges and uncertainties that often go unnoticed. Children and teenagers may be struggling without directly telling us that they are. Some of the ways we can detect stress in our children include changes in sleep, changes in eating habits, increased desire to ‘zone-out’ or ‘chill’, decreased engagement in usual activities, mood changes, risky behaviors, academic changes, and the list goes on. While some of the behaviors are not overly concerning, they are good indicators of how our children are doing mentally and emotionally.

Collaborative Wellness offers counseling services for all ages. Our goal is to work with your children in a safe environment to explore some of the stressors or challenges they are facing. We aim to foster healthy coping skills to manage what they are facing and build awareness of their own internal strengths. We encourage you to talk with your child(ren) about their emotional well-being.

This service is open to all grade levels. Parents are welcome to communicate directly with Collaborative Wellness to set appointments and discuss areas of need. If you are unable to arrange appointments outside of your child’s school day, Collaborative Wellness counselors will coordinate with your child’s school to arrange sessions during school hours, if desired. This service will utilize your own insurance (virtually all insurances are accepted, including Forward Health) and will have no cost to the school district/taxpayers. 

We are excited about this opportunity and welcome any questions or concerns that you may have! 

Collaborative Wellness
(920) 267-3470