Newsletter September 2020

Roosevelt Elementary School

910 N. Sawyer Street #920-424-0411

Principal: Mrs. Kristin Burgert

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A Note from the Principal


Dear Roosevelt Families,

The 2020-21 school year will begin in a few days. Even though parts of this school year will look and be different than we have experienced before, the Roosevelt staff is so excited to begin another great year of learning with all of our students and families!

Group B students should attend school at Roosevelt on September 1st. Group A students should be at home on September 1st and will have their first day on September 2nd. Students in Group A do not need to complete schoolwork on September 1st as they will get information and direction from their teacher on their first day of school which is September 2nd. 

Below we have included a color-coded chart that aligns with the full OASD Hybrid Calendar to assist you in planning your first month while you get accustomed to the Hybrid schedule. As stated in your IC communication, your A or B group represents your virtual day, meaning A students are virtual on A days and B students are virtual on B days. Also, here are a couple picture calendars as well that may be helpful to you and your family for September and October to designate if you are at school or virtual each day based on which group you are in.                                                                         Group A                            Group B


Please realize that these first two weeks, your teacher will be getting to know your child, teaching your child so they can be independent at home, and assessing your child in literacy and math. While we are teaching students virtual routines during the first two weeks, Chromebooks will NOT be sent home. Teachers may instead have more traditional home activities for students and you should check your child’s folder or planner to see what they may be doing on their days at home. Our goal is to create a positive and manageable transition into virtual learning and that will take time. The last thing we want is to overwhelm our students and families by sending home virtual work before they are prepared.

At the start of week 3, we will transition into authentic Hybrid learning. To support virtual learning, students will bring their Chromebook home at the end of each day and bring it back to school for their in-person learning. On their virtual days, they will login to Canvas and each teacher will have the week’s agenda items on the home page. Students will have practiced how to access their materials, as well as how to contact their teacher if they have questions. During virtual learning days in the Hybrid model, most of the virtual work will be independent and self-paced. Teachers will provide all of the online materials necessary for students and families to work from home. However, please remember, when your child is home learning virtually, his/her teacher will be here with students all day. It is possible that they will have offerings to join their class virtually or watch recorded lessons, but your teacher will not necessarily be available to support virtual learning during the day. Your teacher will check messages at the end of the school day so you and your child are supported at home.

Additionally, each student will receive a supplies bag with the following items to be kept at home:

  • A Literacy toolkit and an explanation of the included materials and their purpose

  • A Math toolkit and an explanation of the included materials and their purpose

  • Miscellaneous supplies that may be provided by the teacher for virtual learning days

Just a few reminders: Each school day begins at 7:45am. Supervision on the black top begins at 7:30 but students should arrive as close to 7:40 as possible. Remember that the playground is off limits before school and students should report right to their teacher designated line (look for signs the first two weeks to get in routine for where they are). The first bell will ring at 7:40 signaling for students to line up if they are not there yet. Staff will be outside on the back playground greeting students/families and helping them find their teacher lines at the start of the day. You will be able to recognize staff members in black Roosevelt t-shirts, so please let us know if you have any questions or need any help! 

The school day ends at 2:45pm. Just a reminder that all families need to wait outside of the building for students as they will be dismissed by their teacher. Students in grades K-2 will be dismissed by their teacher through doors 6, 7 or 8 and walked to the front of the building on Sawyer Street. Students in grades 3-5 will be dismissed out doors 2 and 3 and walked on Coolidge Street. Any students riding the bus or their bike will exit out door 2.

The Roosevelt Staff and I look forward to another successful school year of growing and learning together to make it a great school year with whatever it may hold! We are in this together and thank you for all you are doing to support school and learning this year. I wish you all the best at the start of the year! Welcome back!


Kristin Burgert, Principal




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Welcome New Staff

Olivia Hoopman - Kindergarten
Stacey Oestreich - Kindergarten
Beth Knoke - 3rd Grade
Ashley Jeske - Art
Heather Martin - Counselor
Katie Tennessen - Behavior Interventionist

Long Term Subs
Stephanie Van Heuklon - 1st Grade
Ian Sewell - Gym
Pete Schultz -  Interim Principal

Student Teachers
Jaime Keller - 1st Grade Bures
Jasmine Buerger - 2nd Grade Paskey


 Lunch Schedule

11:00 - 11:30 am
Kindergarten - 1st Grade 

11:45 - 12:15 pm
3rd Grade - 5th Grade

12:30 - 1:00 pm
2nd Grade - 4th Grade

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 Recess Schedule

5th Grade 9:15 - 9:45 am
4th Grade 10:00 - 10:30 am
3rd Grade 10:30 - 11:00 am
2nd Grade 11:15 - 11:45 am
1st Grade 12:30 - 1:00 pm
Kindergarten 1:15 - 1:45 pm

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Early Dismissal - Brookville Elementary School Brookville Elementary School

The following Wednesdays ALL STUDENTS will be dismissed at 12:30 pm. Make sure your child(ren) knows what their family plan is...walking home, parent pick up or after school care. Parents please plan accordingly on these days.

September 16th
October 14th
November 11th
December 9th
January 6th
February 10th
March 10th
April 14th
May 12th


2020-2021 Roosevelt Elementary School Staff Marley / Faculty/Staff

Main Office
Principal: Kristin Burgert
Secretary: Bobbi Arneson
Health Assistant:????
Building Assistant: Shannon Smith

Custodial Staff
Head Custodian: Brad Schoening
Custodian - 2nd shift: Tyler Polfuss

Grade Level Teachers
Kindergarten: Olivia Hoopman, Stacey Oestreich, Jaime Thompson
First Grade: Theresa Bures, Kara Hartkopf
Second Grade: Betty Glatting, Trisha Paskey, Amber Solie
Third Grade: Lori Egli, Sherry Gonwa, Beth Knoke
Fourth Grade: Kay Roehrig
Fifth Grade: Karen Cole, Andrea Roeder
eAcademy: Nick Kelley

Special Education Teachers
Kristy Chopp, Amanda Schopp, Kristalee Wilcox

Special Education Paraprofessionals
Ruth Cottrell, Robin Ditter-Geurts, Melissa Kinzfogl, Trish Kontezke, Jessica Messa

Specialist Teachers
Music: Tia Pribbernow
Art: Ashley Jeske
Phy Ed: Noah Uecker

Building Coaches
Program Support Teacher: Justin England
Instructional Support Teacher - Math: Courtney Willert
Instructional Support Teacher - Reading: Amy Buelow, Traci Soeller
Technology Intergration Coach: Matt Callahan
Media/Technology Information Specialist: Carol Neuser
Media/Building Assistant: Tracy Crowley
Behavior Intervention: Katie Tennessen

Student Services
Counselor: Heather Martin
ELL: Pam Gerrits
Nurse (South Park): Katie Draxler
Occupational Therapy: Stacey Stanek
OT Assistant: Jennifer Mirek
Physical Therapy: Rosa Braun
Psychologist: Katie Schmitz
School Social Worker: Rebecca Holmes
Speech & Language: Rachael Pagel
CLC Site Coordinator: Deanna Meador

Food Service|
Breakfast: Stephanie Rodriguez
Lunch: Stephanie Rodriguez & Deb McDonald