Newsletter May 2020

Roosevelt Elementary School

910 N. Sawyer Street #920-424-0411

Principal: Mrs. Kristin Burgert

Home of the Roosevelt Roadrunners



A Note from the Principal


Dear Roosevelt Families,

I want to start off by thanking you all for all you are doing to support your child(ren) with at-home/online learning right now! You are rocking it! It is a tough and tireless job to be caring for them as parents/guardians, teaching them, managing jobs of our own, and everything else that could be impacting your family during this pandemic. So, THANK YOU, for all and anything you are doing! We know you are doing your best every day. Anything you are able to do to support your child’s learning and social emotional well being is exactly what they need right now. Do not feel guilty if you do not get through all of the content. Be sure to take time to play board games, get outside together, connect as a family and just be with each other. Your care for them and social emotional support during this time is what is most important. As always, please reach out to your child’s teacher, myself or any other staff member if we can help you and your family during this time. 

With that, the Roosevelt Staff wanted to send a special video message to each of you! :) We miss you!  

Family At-Home Video 2020 If this link doesn't work, try this one

Since we are not able to hold our spring book fair at school, the PTO will be sponsoring a Virtual Scholastic Book Fair from May 16-29th. See the information later in the newsletter for details! More information will come later as well from the PTO. What a great way to get some new books right now and support our school!

We have an update on the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Reading Program for you all. If your child(ren) has been reading while "Staying at Home" and your family would be interested in a Timber Rattler ticket voucher, please let your classroom teacher know by Friday, May 8th. We will then make sure you get one later on when we are able to return materials to families (details to come in the future on this). There will not be a specific Roosevelt Family Night at the ballpark this year. At this time the ticket voucher would be good for any 2020 season game in hopes that the Minor League Baseball season will be able to start sometime this summer.

Continue to check your email weekly for lesson plans from your child’s teacher for that week. Our specialist staff is also sending out weekly ideas and resources for physical education, art and music, so check those out as well. Please reach out to any of the staff members with questions you may have so we can support you and your child(ren). 

I hope you all continue to be healthy and safe. We miss you all! 

Take care,

Kristin Burgert



Information and Resources from Mrs. Payne-Jozwiak

Click here to open: Counselor Connect



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Learning from Home

We love to see all the learning that is happening from home. Thank you for sharing these fantastic pictures with us. We miss our school family!




Preschool Border Clipart Ourclipart Png - End Of School Year ...

Hello Roosevelt Families ~

I am writing to inform you all that I will be retiring at the end of this school year. My last 5 years at Roosevelt, of my 36 year career, have been wonderful! I have found out that one is never too old to grow as a professional and as a person.

For me, teaching is not just educating our future leaders, our future workers, our future families but for me, teaching is also connecting with children at their level… at their place in life! Understanding and caring for each and every one of them… each and every day!

I have met so many remarkable people on this journey! You have given me strength and hope when I needed it the most. You have allowed me to be ME, as sarcastic as that may have been. You have supported me through tough times and had me laughing through happy times. Thank you for your thoughtful words, your listening ears, and especially for sharing your children with me. I will miss them the most!

I pray our paths will cross again soon.

God Bless ~

Mark Scheer



Art at Home featuring Macklynn


Cute May Clipart

Here is writing and gym class featuring Marshall


Image result for PBIS clipart            "The Roosevelt Way"

        Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe


PBIS At Home

At school, PBIS helps our school community by establishing expected behavior, making everyone aware of the expectations, helping students practice and follow them, and acknowledging students for desired behavior. Following PBIS guidelines at home can help you set a positive living and learning environment.

Set Expectations

Every family’s behavior expectations are different, and it is up to parents to decide what works best for their family. It is important to make sure each family member knows the rules, and for parents to follow through. Be willing to explain to your children the importance of the rules you set. The structure rules provide is important for helping students feel safe and calm, especially during stressful times.

Be Positive & Patient

Word your directions or requests in a positive way. Tell your children what you would like to happen, instead of telling them what not to do. For example, say “Please sit at the table,” instead of “Don’t stand on the chair.”

Also, what works one time, might not work the next time, and what works for one child, might not work for another. Keep trying until you find what works best for each child.

Mash Up and Social Skills Lessons

Respect was the theme of our March monthly Mash Up. Respect means caring for others by responding and reacting appropriately.  Students discussed how to show respect to others and brainstormed phrases to use even when the situation isn’t going their way. Phrases such as, “Ok, I can do that”, “I will try again,” and “Thank you” are examples of responding in a calm respectful way.

During our Social Skills lessons students role-played how they might respond in various scenarios. They identified the difference between calm respectful responses and angry unrespectful responses. Students learned that respectful responses include words, tone of voice, and body language.


Tutoring Available 

The Oshkosh Area School District Community Learning Centers is partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh and offering on-line homework support and tutoring for Grades 1-12 using Google Classroom and Zoom. Deanna Meador will be doing tutoring for students at Roosevelt Elementary. 

If your child(ren) needs help with on-line class assignments or additional support in Math or Literacy, please contact Cathy Rothe at for more information.


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PTO Virtual Scholastic Book Fair

We know some families may be looking for more books in their house right now, so we're having a Virtual Book Fair from May 16-29! Take a look - there are lots of $5 and under books and workbooks.

Please know there is NO pressure to purchase! We just wanted a way to help you get some good and inexpensive reading material in your home for the Spring & Summer.

Here is the link if you would like to begin browsing now, but online shopping won't open until May 16:  

All online orders ship directly to your home.  BONUS: FREE Shipping on book-only orders over $25. Purchases will be shipped directly from Scholastic to your home.

More information will be shared in the weeks to come with details too!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Kristin Bird at:




Promoting the social and emotional well-being of your students has never been more important as we continue our distance learning. The Devereux Center for Resilient Children is releasing a new resource called Promoting SEL at Home, that will be shared each week for the next 8 weeks. 

We will be sharing each week’s brief with you, in hopes that you find the resource helpful and will share it with your staff and school families. Each week’s brief will include strategy adaptations from toddler to high school age to share with your families. It’s short, easy to read and understand, and is hopefully something everyone can benefit from. 

This week:

Promoting SEL at Home-optimistic thinking