Newsletter February 2020

Roosevelt Elementary School

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Principal: Mrs. Kristin Burgert

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A Note from the Principal

Dear Roosevelt Families,

Our 1st semester of the 2019-20 school year is complete! As of January 23rd, you could view your child’s report card in Infinite Campus on the Parent Portal and a paper copy was mailed home to families as well. Please let the office know if you have questions or problems viewing your child’s report card. I hope you had a chance to reflect with your child on their report card and set some goals for the second semester. If you have questions regarding this snapshot of how your child is doing, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, as they are always more than happy to discuss your child’s progress with you.

Additionally, this year we have scheduled Parent/Teacher Conferences on February 6th and February 11th. This is a great opportunity for you to talk with your child’s teacher about his/her progress so far in the year and set goals for the remainder of the year. If you have not already signed up, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a time. Some of our specialist staff at Roosevelt travel to other schools. Listed below are dates/times they will be available at Roosevelt if you would like to stop in to see them for conferences:

  • February 6

    • Gwen North 3:15-4:00pm

    • Katie Kosobucki 3:15-5:00pm

    • Michelle Mees 3:15-7:00pm

    • Traci Soeller 3:15-7:00pm

    • Rachael Pagel 3:15-7:00pm

  • February 11

    • Tia Pribbernow 3:15-7:00pm

    • Gwen North 3:15-7:00pm

    • Traci Soeller 3:15-7:00pm

    • Rachael Pagel 3:15-7:00pm

    • Justin England 3:15-7:00pm

Finally, classroom parties to celebrate Valentine’s Day will happen on Friday, February 14th from 1:55-2:40. Watch for more information from your child’s teacher or contact them with any questions as needed. 


Kristin Burgert




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100th Day of School!

The 100th Day of School is Friday, February 7th. In celebration, please show us your school spirit by dressing up as a 100 year old person or wear a collection to 100 items on your clothing (100 buttons, pony tails, etc). 

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Update on Mr. Uecker - PE Teacher

If you remember from the beginning of the year, Mr. Uecker has been out recovering from various back surgeries. His hope was that he would be back by now which is why we have had Mr. Thompson as a sub. Unfortunately, his recovery has not gone quite as quickly as hoped/planned and he will be out the remainder of the school year. 

With that said, we have hired a temporary phy ed certified teacher to be in his role for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Ian Sewell will begin as our phy ed teacher on February 10th. Ian was a student teacher at Webster Middle School and currently coaches various sports at Oshkosh North High School (boys tennis, girls swimming and diving, and boys swimming and diving). We would like to thank Mr. Thompson for being our sub for the first part of the year and wish him all the best! We would also like to welcome Mr. Sewell to our school family!

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February 4 Before School Interest Groups 7-7:25 am

February 5 PTO Culver's Fundraiser 

February 6 Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:15-7 pm         

February 7  100th Day of School!

February 10 ALL yearbook orders due

February 11 Before School Interest Groups 7-7:25 am 

Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:15-7 pm

February 12 Early Dismissal 12:30 pm

February 14 Classroom Valentine parties 1:55 pm

February 17 No School for students

February 18 Before School Interest Groups 7-7:25

February 20 3rd Grade OPD Presentation "No Time for Crime" 10 am

1st Grade visit to Miravida Living 1 pm

February 21 5th Grade Lunch and Learn 11:05 am 

February 24 PTO Meeting Media Center 6 pm

February 25 LAST Before School Interest Groups 7-7:25


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Roosevelt School Breakfast 

Roosevelt will be serving breakfast in the gym before school starts.

Breakfast starts at 7:15 am and serves until 7:35 am. If your child will be dining with us in the morning, please have them arrive BEFORE 7:30 am so they have enough time to eat their breakfast before the school bell rings at 7:40 am. 

If your student will NOT be eating breakfast, please drop them off on the playground at 7:30 am. Breakfast is done being served at 7:35 am.


Image result for PBIS clipart            "The Roosevelt Way"

                  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

      PBIS Booster

We started the new calendar year reviewing our school-wide expectations. Students moved with their class and teacher to different stations around the building. Staff presented tips for following the Roosevelt Way in the office, hallways, bathroom, lunchroom, on the playground, and during arrival and dismissal. We also made sure to include winter safety as part of the playground and arrival/dismissal review. Students had an opportunity to ask questions, and share problems or positive behavior they have seen so far during the school year.  

Mash Up and Social Skills Lessons

Hope was the theme of our monthly Mash Up. Hope means that you want to make a change and believe that you can make a change. When we hope for something, we need a plan to make it happen! Students reflected on what they accomplished in 2019 and during our Social Skills lessons began focusing on reaching goals, persevering, and making changes for the better in 2020. 

Respect Toward Others

To encourage respect toward classmates, peers, and adults, students reviewed how to use the stop, breathe, think, and act method before responding or acting.  In the first step, students stop what they are doing so they can process through all of the steps.  Then, students take a deep breath and let it out slowly. At the think step, students think about what they are doing.  How are their actions affecting the other person/people? Students should think about a positive choice they can make so they are being respectful.  Students should also think about consequences for making a negative choice or being disrespectful. At the final step, students decide what they are going to do.  They may use “I statements” to tell the other person how they feel.  

         Stop, Breathe, Think, Act





Student of the Month

Each month Roosevelt staff nominate students who are following the Roosevelt Way for “Student of the Month” awards.  Congratulations to the following students who earned the honor in December: Nina, Kassie,  Murphy, Kypten, Isaac, Helen, Taylor, Caroline, Sawyer, Killian, Griffyn, and Aden.

 Family Beep Bucks

When a parent participates in any school activity, he/she can earn a family beep buck and turn it into the office or teacher.  It will be entered into a raffle drawing (each quarter) for a prize! The prize will be sent home with the student. Congratulations to our January winner:   the family of Hunter from Mrs. Thompson's class. .  They have won a gift card to Kwik Trip.  Families, we appreciate your involvement at Roosevelt!




Kick Off The Day...The Right Way

As we kick of the 2nd semester, come reminders to get us started and ready for the school each day.
Be Respectful: Hang up your coats and backpacks
Be Responsible: First bell rings at 7:40 am
Be Safe: Find your seats, ready to learn, homework ready

Helpful Hints at Night

>Lay out your clothes
>Shower before bed
>Set an alarm
>Prepare your school materials
>Plan for breakfast and lunch



 February Music Newsletter   


Hello families! 

Since our Holiday program in December, students have been working very hard in the music classroom on various things. I am so proud of their accomplishments while getting back to classroom learning. Here are the things that your children have been working on in music! 

Kindergarten students have been focusing on high sounds and low sounds. They read a story about two friends who had to go up the hill (high voice) and down the hill (low voice) to visit each other. Students have also been singing and listening to high and low sounds through songs and instruments!

First Grade has been working hard on differentiating rhythm and beat. Students now know quarter notes, eighth notes and the rest. We have learned new songs, and decoded the rhythm to each of those songs. We also played games with the songs once we solved the rhythm!

Second Grade's mail focus this month has been form in music. We listened to and figured out the patterns to various songs. Then, we wrote our own song in ABA form! Students then were able to perform their songs on boomwhackers with their friends.

Third Grade students dove into instruments of the orchestra. So far, students have learned about and become conductors! They also learned each instrument in both the brass and woodwind families! Students have been able to see instruments and hear them in person.

Fourth Grade students are extremely excited to start their recorder unit in February! To make sure they were prepared, we played many review games to review note names and reading rhythms quickly! That way, we can focus on playing the recorder, with no troubles reading music!

Fifth Grade students have had the opportunity to learn about the history of the ukulele. To add to that, Roosevelt is very fortunate to have an entire set of classroom ukuleles and turners! Students have learned proper holding and playing techniques, as well as learning how to tune the ukulele independently.

Feel free to stop by for Parent Teacher Conferences! I will be at Roosevelt for the entire conference time on Tuesday, February 11th!


Miss Pribbernow

"2nd Grade students creating their ABA compositions!"         "5th Grade students tuning their ukes!"